Download the presentations - 31st July 2018 - WGH

  • Proactive care of older people in surgery
  • EBUS
  • Community team project
  • Penicilin allergy testing service

Download the presentations - 26th July 2018 - REH

  • ENQUIRE - Edinburgh Napier University & QI team collaboration
  • Building capacity for the delivery of evidence based, low intensitive anxiety management interventions in school
  • Improving our processes & collecting Patient Experience feedback at the West Lothian Adult MH Psychology Department
  • Improving ASD Pathway in CAMHS South Edinburgh

Download the presentations - 29th May 2018 - WGH

  • Improving the management of neurosurgical patients with diabetes
  • WGH Respiratory Inpatient oxygen safety
  • Stoma Care
  • Abbreviated immediate discharge letters

Download the presentations - 19th April 2018 - SJH

  • Delivering Rehabilitation at home following a stroke
  • Introducing alternatives to a hospital admission
  • How you can get involved in QI?

Download the presentations - 27th March 2018 - WGH

  • Learning for Excellence
  • Cancer of unknown Primary
  • Glycaemic control for neuro-surgical patients
  • The patient advice line service
  • Implementation of QI in Endoscopy

Download the presentations - 29th March 2018 - REH

  • Patients who go missing from NHS Hospitals in Scotland
  • Prospect Model
  • QI in Prison Clinics in HMP Addiwell
  • Utilising green spaces to improve patient experience

Download the presentations - 30th January 2018 - WGH

  • Improving the Oncology Lung Cancer Pathway - Dr Francis Yuille

  • Stroke Pathway Redesign - Dr Sarah Keir

  • Oncology Assessment Are Redesign - Steve Elliott

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Download the presentations - 16th November 2017

  • "Lothian Quality Improvement in Mental Health, CAMHS and Psychology.... Where are we 1 year on?" by Jane Cheeseman
  • "Feedback from evaluation of QI programme in Mental Health, Psychological Therapies and CAMHS" Vicky Tallentire
  • "Improving Access to Neurodevelopmental Assessment in CAMHS East Lothian" Julie Burgmans, Martina Mungall, Leanne Galloway and Beccy Brown
  • "Raising standards together - Canaan & Pentland wards" Frances Aitken – Senior Charge Nurse; REH, Frank Charleston – Senior Charge Nurse; REH
  • "Increasing Access to Sexual Problems Clinic by Reducing Waiting Times" Dr. Lesley Whitton & Dr. Belinda Hacking
  • "Quality Improvement in Pain Management – changing culture"
  • "QI in West Lothian" Hosakere Aditya
  • "Sharing and messaging…" David Hall, Johnathan MacLennan SPSP-Mental Health

Download the presentations - 9th November 2017

  • Lothian Flow Centre
  • Frailty Programme - REACT Hub
  • Improving redirection from Emergency Department to LUCS
  • Improving heart failure patient pathway

Download the presentations - 25th October 2017

  • Improvement work in the children's spinal pathway - Chris Adams

  • Cerebral Palsy Integrated Pathway for Scotland (CPIPS) programme - Mark Gaston

  • Discussion (Quality 5 year plan)

Download the presentations - 17th March 2017

  • Dynamic Discharge Planning
  • Quality Improvement in Mental Health
  • Quality Improvement in Death Certification

Download the presentations - 7th February 2017

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