Endoscopy Programme


A massive thank you to all the staff who attended the endoscopy event! Great enthusiasm and engagement from all
staff towards the Quality Improvement work.

We had talk from Nikki Maran, Clinical Lead for the Quality Directorate,  Neil
Boyle, Service Manager, Colin Noble, Consultant Gastroenterologist, Frances Gallagher, Charge Nurse WGH and Jacquie Campbell, Chief Officer.

The Quality Improvement facilitators helped to channel all the Quality Improvement ideas using their expertise in QI methodology.

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The endoscopy programme in NHS Lothian aims - To provide timely and patient centred access to diagnostic and therapeutic endoscopy procedures for patients treated within NHS Lothian.
We have been working on the quality planning stage to understand the high level process that are involved in the endoscopy service and an high level process map has been agreed with the service.  There has also been work to understand the appointment allocation process and how the bowel screening service interacts with endoscopy as a whole.
 the endoscopy "quality wall"

the endoscopy "quality wall"

 QI endoscopy newsletter

QI endoscopy newsletter