27th February 2015

The first meeting of the Clinical Change Forum was held in February and chaired by Dr Caroline Whitworth, Consultant Nephrologist at the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh.

Clinical staff across a wide range of service areas were selected at random to attend and the focus of the discussion was very much around changing practice and improving outcomes by developing our approach to individual patient care.

The need for cultural and behavioural change was recognised and key themes emerged around patient choice, informed decision making and communication.

Papers presented included Dr David Farquharson and Professor Angela Timoney on acute prescribing/individual patient treatment reviews and Professor Alison McCallum on ‘Policy Choices’, in addition to work undertaken by Dr Whitworth and Dr Kirsty Boyd around ‘Choosing Wisely’.

Tim Davison sent a letter to all those involved in the first meeting summarising the broad themes and thanking all those who participated.