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Western General Hospital

Lisa Anderson - Improving Pressure Area Management

Pota Kalima - Reporting of Entertic Pathogrens in Microbiology

Monika Sommerrey - Referral form for CUP optimising team’s time.

Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh

Jennie Higgs - Undergraduate Psychiatry Tutorials : Improving the experience for learnings and tutors.

Royal Edinburgh Hospital

Alyxandra Hamilton-Smith & Isabelle Kolte - Reducing Delays in the South Edinburgh CAMHS ASD Pathway

Astley Ainslie Hospital

Jenny Strachan - Engagement with Patient Reported Outcome Measures (PROMs) in Clinical Health Psychology

St Johns Hospital

Andrew Beattie - Reducing Inhaled Corticosteroid Overuse

Rachel Lowdon - The ASD Assessment Pathway in West Lothian CAMHS






Gillian Anderson, Louise Crawford & Leigh Proudfoot (Craigmillar Medical Group) - Think Different, think patient

Anne Crandles (Sighthill) - Embedding and Maintaining Quality Standards Across Edinburgh’s Community Link Worker Network

Craig Black, Laura Dodds, Joanne Edmiston & Doreen Howard (Waverley Gate) - Making Paper Payslips a Thing of the Past

Helen Downie (Forteviot) - Increasing consistency in the CAMHS LD ITS pathway : Improving experiences for staff and patients

Ruth Hamblin (RHSC) - Improving Cow’s Milk Protein Allergy Management in NHS Lothian

Sarah Lynch (St. Triduanas) - Reducing Stress/Workload in Duty Doctors

Megan McFarlane (Midlthian Substance Misuse Centre) - Improving care for people with substance use issues and who are homeless in Midlothian