Academy Participants Projects from

Royal Infirmary Edinburgh


Royal Infirmary Edinburgh

Cohort 8

Hazel Moore & Emma Forbes - Improve Access to Instrumental Assessment of Dysphagia after Stroke

Helen Chisholm - Nurse Led Consent for Inpatients

Emma Suttie - Reduce Post Operative Pain Scores in Hip Fracture Patients to aid Mobilisation

Avril Stewart - The Optimum Post Operative Length of Stay for Care Home Patients with Fractured Neck of Femur in an Acute Trauma Ward

Cohort 10

Anna Redpath - Patient Led Goal Setting in the Stroke Unit at the RIE

Louise Fegan - Reducing Delays to Theatre Start Times

Alicja Szewcyzk - Improving patients’ experience of gestational diabetes education sesssion

Natalie Weston - Increasing the proportion of patients mobilizing post-op Day 1 and post-op Day 2 following #Neck of Femur fracture fixation

Andrew Hall - Improving time to theatre in hip fracture by reducing delays in the identification and preoperative management of patients

Adam Duncan-Rusk - Improving the escalation process in the RIE Emergency Department

Emma McNeil - Improving Patients Discharge Experience by Reducing the time spent waiting on medications

William Dunn - Using in situ clinical simulation to imrpove the response to medical emergencies at the RIE

Cohort 11

Fiona McGrehan - Reducing the Omission of Clinically Appropriate Medicines

Jamie Nicholson - Knee Aspiration in the Emergency Department : Developing a change in Service Delivery

Dan Hufton - Improving Doctors-in-Training engagement with Datix

Cohort 12

Catriona McConachie & Kirsty Williamson - Got One? We’ll help you keep it

Elspeth Paterson - Glycaemic control in vascular patients

Joanne Webster - Managing the Procurement of Dressings in NHS Lothian

Cohort 13

Jennie Higgs - Undergraduate Psychiatry Tutorials : Improving the experience for learnings and tutors.

Cohort 1

Sara Jenks - (RIE) Virtual clinic for Familial Hypercholesterolaemia

Cohort 3

Annette Cosgrove - Improving the Interface between Patients and Staff in the Waiting Room of the Emergency Dept RIE.

Trish Elder-Gracie - Intermittent Pneumatic Compression Assessment

Jennifer Watters -

Sian Finch - To improve the quality of follow up for patients commenced on Non-Invasive Ventilation (NIV) in Lothian referred to Sleep Medicine by Feb '18

Cohort 4

Jill MacLeod - Improving the patient pathway for patients referred from GPs to RIE for a possible diagnosis of asthma

Gavin Langlands - Improving Communication of Hospital Medication Alterations in Immediate Discharge Letters

Sharon Lockie & Pamela Gulland - To improve patients and staff expereince in the Pacing Clinics at the RIE

Cohort 5

Gillian Walker - To reduce waiting time for Occupational Therapy assessment  to  influence discharge decisions for patients with # neck of femur

Fiona Stewart - Improving the journey of the patient with a  fractured neck of femur.

Cohort 6

Amy Harris - Improving Hydration in patients with Fractured Neck of Femur

Fionnuala Kelly & Amanda Hogg - To Maximise the Frequency of Physiotherapy Treatments in Order to Optimise the Post-Op Care of Fractured Neck of Femur

Cohort 7

Gillian Stewart - Optimising post operative mobility and function in patients with neck of femur fracture

John Hodge - Improving TRAK documentation for patients with Stoke/TIA

Alistair Gibson & Louise Bell - Beds that go bump in the night - reducing nighttime discharges for Ward 118