Planning for Quality Cohort 3 Final Day

The final day of the third cohort of Planning for Quality was on Tuesday 25th April. The group were joined by the Chief Executive of NHS Lothian, alongside QI coaches and analysts to hear presentations from each of the quality improvement groups on the course.

There were a wide range of presentations from different specialities across health and social care. This ranged from projects focusing on making the most of administrative staff time in a GP practice to improving reported discharges at the morning huddle at Lothian's largest acute hospital site.

Some of the participants reflected on what they had gained from being part of the Academy:

'It has been an interesting new way of looking at improving the service' Sam Patton, Orthopaedic Consultant

'We are relieved to be invited to be a part of this process because that now gives us the opportunity to do some of the work that we know needs to be done' Nick Church, Endoscopy Consultant