Quality Cluster Leads in Primary Care

Cluster Quality Leads from GP practices across NHS Lothian met on Wednesday 26th April to discuss quality improvement in primary care.

The group discussed key themes for quality improvement, including pharmacy and anticipatory care planning. They also spoke about resources that would be required to complete this work and recognised the importance of sharing ideas and learning between clusters.

There was a recognition of both the challenges in primary care and the potential opportunities of quality improvement work.

Tracey Gillies, Executive Medical Director, spoke about the different definitions and dimensions of quality:

"Some of us think mainly about safety when we think about quality... for other people it's more about the triple aim, how we get population health gains, and better experience and value of care... others take it to the individual level... what matters to you?... getting that citizen voice about what they think good care looks like... the QOF description was more around effective care, what does good care look like? And how do we ensure we are working to that standard?"