If you are interested in taking part in the Quality Academy and are unsure whether you would sit better in the Quality Improvement Skills or Planning for Quality course, the table below breaks down the characteristics of attendees in each programme to help guide you. 


Planning for Quality - Who should attend?

Anyone who has a senior role in improvement projects. 

You currently lead teams of people or coordinate care services within the organisation and have good knowledge of QI.  You will spend a significant amount of time at the workshops and between them you will be applying your increased knowledge to your workplace and your own improvement project.  You will have identified your project and completed a Project Charter ahead of attending the course. 



Quality Improvement Skills - Who should attend? 

Anyone who has a role in local improvement projects. You could be working in a clinical, administrative or facilities role, within a community, primary care or acute care setting. You may have previously contributed to improvement work as a team member, and now you need to build the confidence and skills to lead an improvement project team.

You will spend a significant amount of time at the workshops and between workshops applying your learning to your workplace improvement project. To enable you to make the most of your learning, before you attend the programme you will have discussed and agreed the project area with your manager and your project team. You will have the autonomy to influence the specific aim and direction of the project during and after the workshops.

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