Process Map

What is it?

A process map is a visualisation of how things get done, what the process is to make something happen.

Process maps are supposed to indicate how things happen in reality, rather than how things would ideally happen.


Why use it?

A process map is a really useful tool to understand the system as it works currently. A process map can be useful to generate change ideas and help to establish a measurement plan. It can be used to induct new staff to processes to get consistency with how a process occurs.

How to use it?

NHS Improvement has created a useful resource to read before process mapping that can be found by clicking here.

Remember that a process map is a visualisation of how a process happens. It is not a visualisation of your project plan.

A process map should be updated as you continue to improve your process.

If you need help to create a process map, contact the team.

More information

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