Royal Edinburgh Hospital Clinical Change Forum 22 June 2017

The clinical change forum took place at the REH on the 22nd June 2017. The audience heard about fantastic improvement work from four teams working in Mental Health, CAMHS and Psychological therapies.

Margaret and Gwyneth from the CAMHS team spoke about their project looking at the pathway for ADHD assessment, which aimed to improve efficency and patient experience. Through getting patient feedback and staff ideas for improvement, they have implemented four tests of change and are measuring the impact on the service.


Mike Reid described his work on facilitating the reduction of the number of acute mental health beds ahead of the move to the new REH site. He explained that through improving communication between health and social care, delays for people getting home from hospital had reduced. There had been excellent engagement from the team across the site and there were many ideas for improvement that are currently being tested. There is continuing involvement from the patients council, ensuring the patients have a voice in any of the changes occurring. The project is now working on improving integrated care planning, so that care plans can be viewed by NHS 24 and health and social care.

The Lothian Pain Management team told the audience how they had used patient experience data to inform improvements in the service. They phoned patients who did not turn up for appointments to ask why they had not attended. One of the most frequent responses was that people had forgotten, therefore, the team has started to phone people before pain management groups. They have also been testing the idea of using phone appointments for people who were not able to attend their face to face appointment - this is being tested, the team recognise that this option may not work for everyone.

The next clinical change forum events will take place at the time of the QI Network meeting, at lunchtime. Dates will be confirmed and communicated shortly!


The Works - an organisation which helps people with mental health conditions get into or back into work - also spoke about thier service. They described how they had employed a data officer to look at their data to understand how they could improve the service. The Works encouraged recruiting managers in NHS Lothian who are looking for people 16 hours per week or less to consider recruiting through them. The Works offer two to eight week placements. They are a NHS Lothian vocational rehabilitation service for people living in Edinburgh. They support people with mental health conditions return to work or gain work for the first time. To find out more about the service e-mail the team.