Cohort 11 December 2018

To support the participants apply their learning in practice, they lead a small improvement project in thier service area. Cohort 11 concluded in December 2018. Please see below their project charters.

Cohort 10 December 2017

To support the participants apply their learning in practice, they lead a small improvement project in their service area.  Cohort 10 concluded in December 2017.  Their projects aligned to the priority themes identified in the AHP Active and Independent Living Programme (Scottish Government, 2016.)  These were                                                                                                                        

  • Access

  • Health and Wellbeing

  • Research & Innovation

The following posters were presented alongside their NHS Quality Improvement Project Charters and Quality Improvement Case Studies.

Below you can find the Projects, if you want to find out more click on the titles to download the project charters.


o   Lucy Teal - Improving the referral pathway from hospital therapists into the newly integrated SW Hub

o   Claire Stables & Linzi Gilbert - Improving Quality Through Effective and Efficient Triaging

o   Catriona Black - Speech & Language Therapy Requests for Assistance – do we really need to see them all?

o   Cheryl Tudor - Quicker, better, cheaper: improving the primary care mental health occupational therapy referral pathway

o   Fiona MacLauglan - Introducing patient choice into physiotherapy provision at Liberton

o   Claire Hopkins - Supporting wheelchair users access our service

o   Hazel Elliot - Improving efficiencies in the administration of clinical outcome measures and questionnaires on admission to REDU

o   Gail LeMasurier - Integrating Art Therapy into MHIST (Mental Health Intensive Support Team (LD)

o   Helen Bateson - Improve the awareness of Occupational Therapy (OT) caseloads and staffing gaps within the OT department at the Western General Hospital (WGH)

Health and Wellbeing

•       Avril Watson - An investigation of methods to influence exercise levels within a GP practice

•      Suzanne Lester - Activity levels

•      Lis Hart - Snack Project

•      Amy Sinclair - ROTAS self management

Research & Innovation

o   Alice Landrock – Focus on patient experience

o   Jan Herman - Reduce time taken to analyse data and produce written report for Cerebral Palsy patients attending the Anderson Gait Lab

o   Lynsey Watson - A Patient centred outcome measure for the NHS Borders Rheumatology Podiatry Service Orthotic Evaluation

o   Gemma Mackie - Light up my world- Focus on Falls