Step 1 – Identify a quality issue that you want to focus on and start to think about how you could take this forward as a QI project

Step 2 – Share your idea with a QI Sponsor or Coach

Step 3 – Finalise the project charter with your team and allocated QI Coach

How to complete your Project Charter?


How do you decide what to do?   Think of a topic or area within your practice that you think could be improved and then follow these steps in order to create a project charter.

What are you trying to accomplish (Your improvement aim statement)?
a brief statement (2-3 sentences max) of what you intend to accomplish.   These aims should be time specific and measurable - what you are aiming for, by how much and by when?   

What is the rationale or “Why” for your improvement aim and your project scope?
Outline why the area for improvement you are focussing on is important. What problem will it solve?  How do you know this is a problem and what is your starting position (e.g. what baseline data do you have that tells you how your system and processes are currently working?).

How will you know that a change is an improvement? Consider some Measures
How you will track the progress of your improvement aim

What Changes can you make that will lead to improvement?
What can you change about how your processes and system currently operate to make things better?

When you have done this, you can start to build your project charter.