Cohort 1- March 2016             -  May 2016

Royal Infirmary Edinburgh

Sara Jenks - (RIE) Virtual clinic for Familial Hypercholesterolaemia


Alan Buchanan & Brenda Redmond (Cambridge Street Day Centre) - Improving physical health of patients within the South-West community mental health team by providing annual health checks.

Alison Wells, Maureen McKenna, Kerry Turton, Louise Fisher - Introducing a Pan Lothian group based programme for A12 psychological therapy in AMH

Mags Morrow - (Roodlands Hospital)

Sheena Borthwick- (AAH)

Anna March -(Waverley Gate)

Lorna Jones & Penny Leeming - (Forteviot House) To improve pre-referral info to service users regarding a CAMHS under 12's day programme.

Leanne Galloway, Charmain Currie, Tricia Macleod, Fiona Mathers - Improving East Lothian CAMHS Referral Triage Pathway

Laura Egan -


Western General Hospital

Carol MacKinnonReview & Improve the scheduling process from DTT to 1st appointment –  Barriers to timely scheduling of daycase chemotherapy (SACT)

Caroline McKinnel - Improve patient flow through Ward 1 through better utilisation of skill mix of staff. 

Jackie Whigham - Improve the communication pathway from and unscheduled admission outwith oncology to a patient's oncology team (if required)

Lesley Shepherd -  To improve patient flow through OAA and to improve delivering the sepsis 6 within 60 minutes of presentation. 

Brian Finlay -

Tessa Kirkness  -

Fiona Johnson -

Beverley Mitchell - (WGH)

Royal Edinburgh Hospital

Julie Blackwood & Alistair Roberts - Improving communication with CAMHS inpatients and their families and carers.

Rhona McLeod -

Eileen Clark -

Tracy Sneddon -

Mike Gall -

Kathleen Stewart -

Craig Stenhouse -  Physical observations to be completed to 100% within the rehabilitation service at REH by December '17.