Since the first Cohort of the Quality Improvement Academy course in March 2016, we have seen the course grow and have a steady stream of excellent Quality Improvement projects progressing.  Below is a list of the fellows of the Quality Academy and the QI projects which have developed as a result.  



       Cohort 1- March 2016             -  May 2016

Mags Morrow -

Sheena Borthwick-

Fiona Johnson -

Anna March -

Eileen Clark -

Tracy Sneddon -

Mike Gall -

Lorna Jones & Penny Leeming - To improve pre-referral info to service users regarding a CAMHS under 12's day programme.

Leanne Galloway, Charmain Currie, Tricia Macleod, Fiona Mathers - Improving East Lothian CAMHS Referral Triage Pathway

Kathleen Stewart -

Craig Stenhouse -Physical observations to be completed to 100% within the rehabilitation service at REH by December '17. 

Beverley Mitchell -

Laura Egan -


Alan Buchanan & Brenda Redmond - Improvingphysical health of patients within the South-West community mental health team by providing annual health checks.

Carol MacKinnon - Review & Improve the scheduling process from DTT to 1st appointment –  Barriers to timely scheduling of daycase chemotherapy (SACT)

Caroline McKinnel - Improve patient flow through Ward 1 through better utilisation of skill mix of staff. 

Jackie Whigham - Improve the communication pathway from and unscheduled admission outwith oncology to a patient's oncology team (if required)

Julie Blackwood & Alistair Roberts - Improving communication with CAMHS inpatients and their families and carers.

Lesley Shepherd - To improve patient flow through OAA and to improve delivering the sepsis 6 within 60 minutes of presentation. 

Sara Jenks - Virtual clinic for Familial Hypercholesterolaemia

Brian Finlay -

Tessa Kirkness  -

Rhona McLeod -

Alison Wells, Maureen McKenna, Kerry Turton, Louise Fisher - Introducing a Pan Lothian group based programme for A12 psychological therapy in AMH



         Cohort 2

 Dec '16 - Feb '17

Fiona Crichton -

Pauline Fox -

James Hannah -

Peter Littlewood -

Chris Miller -

Prem Shah -

Heather Spenceley

Kevin Wallace -

David Taylor -

Amanda Michie

Alana Davies

Sarah Anderson

Sean Harper

Caroline Cochrane & Jo Gouick - Reduce patient non-attendance of outpatients appointments in Clibnical Health Psychology and Neuropsychology rehabilitation services by 10%.

Claire Fyvie & Donna Gilroy - Increasing access for older people to trauma-informed care

Julie Burgmans - Improving access to neurodevelopmental assessment

Katharine Russell - Identify appropriate patients to attend Low Intensity Intervention groups in the OC

Louise Randell & Susan Simpson - Care pathways for severe AN & PD

Tommy Blue & Katie Hardie - Recording consultation with TRAK

Rebecca Brown -

Calum Borthwick -

John McLachlan

Martina Mungall



         Cohort 3 Jan '17 - May '17


Annette Cosgrove -Improving the Interface between Patients and Staff in the Waiting Room of the Emergendy Dept RIE.

Robert Sedgley - Providing Theatre's with high level support whilst reducing risk, inefficiency and frustrations.

John Smith - A Skill Mix Review of Outpatient Nursing

Cheryl Tudor- Improving the occupational therapy referral pathway to make it more efficient and effective for service users and staff.

Trish Elder-Gracie - Intermittent Pneumatic Compression Assessment

Emma Barnes - Transitioning from hospital to home after stroke

Isla Muir- Embedding QI into Everyday Practice

Louise Moffatt -

Jennifer Watters -

Caroline Souter- Reduce patient harm from gentamicin

Sian Finch - To improve the quality of follow up for patients commenced on Non-Invasive Ventilation (NIV) in Lothian referred to Sleep Medicine by Feb '18.

Alisson Stewart - Provide an appointment system that meets the needs of the Practice population and prioritises the patients with the greatest need.

Tracy Lazenby-Paterson - Improving the eating and drinking experience of adults with learning disabilities in hospital.

Rebecca Kellett - Improving the safety and quality of life of care home residents with communication and/or swallowing difficulties due to dementia.

David Cusack - Implementing a physiologist led valve clinic for mild-moderate aortic setnosis patients, improving quality, continuity and efficiency. 

Rebecca Lawrence- Redesign of Ritson Clinic Criteria for Referral/Admission






Cohort 4 Feb '17 - June '17

Sharon Sansome - Working smartly to Improve Communication

Gavin Langlands - Improving Communication of Hospital Medication Alterations in Immediate Discharge Letters

Sharon Lockie & Pamela Gulland - To improve patients and staff expereince in the Pacing Clinics at the RIE

Elaine McRoberts & Donna McLean - Improving the structure of MDT meetings in Older People's Mental Health

Anna Dall - An effective, efficient childhood constipation service for Lothian

Joanna Skwarski & Janet Nicholson- By December 2017, reduce by 50% the number of telephone interriptions to REH dispensary

Joan-Marie Sutherland & Alison Mackie -  Medicine Reconciliation on admission in the Medical Assessment Unit at WGH

Jill MacLeod - Improving the patient pathway for patients referred from GPs to RIE for a possible diagnosis of asthma

Debbie Crear & Claire Henderson - Reducing waiting times in MSK Physiotherapy

Kay Colligan - Increasing knowledge and awareness of the HCSW Learning & Development Framework to identify learning and development needs

Ian Bruce - Review Appropriateness of GP & NP Appointment Use

Wendy Juner - Transitioning from hospital to home after a stroke

Penny Cartwright - Hospital at Home

Morag Medwin & Margrethe VanDijke - Improved communication of stroke audit data for stakeholders