PDSA picture.png
  • PDSA is a very structured four-step cycle which requires effort and discipline

  • It incorporates careful and detailed consideration of the following:

    • Plan: A plan of what is to be tested including questions to be answered, predictions and answers to the questions and a plan for collection of data to answer the questions

    • Do: Carry out the test of change according to the plan, recording observations including unexpected outcomes/observations

    • Study: A comparison of the data against the predictions made in the plan and study the results

    • Act: Make a decision about the next course of action

  • Whilst the PDSA cycle originates from industry, it has been incorporated into the Model for Improvement (insert Hyperlink to Model for Improvement once ready)

  • It can be used to test ideas in the real or simulated context

  • More detailed information can be found in the PDSA Guidance template found below.

Click to download a PDSA template, below a completed PDSA