Change on a large scale can be daunting but that should not deter you!  Before implementing a full proposal for change, a Plan, Do, Study, Act (PDSA) cycle can be used to test out an idea on a small scale.

New ideas should be introduced only after sufficient testing on a smaller scale has proven to have a positive effect.  PDSA cycles allow ideas to be introduced in a safe, controlled way which will have less resistance, be less disruptive and use fewer resources.  By building on the learning from each PDSA cycle, new processes can be introduced with a greater chance of success. 


  • Define the objectives

  • What, Why, Who, How & When

  • How long will the PDSA continue?

  • How will you know if the PSDA is a success?

  • What data collection methods are you using?


  • Carry out the trial

  • Encourage continual feedback within your team

  • Collect data and information


  • Examine your findings & reflect on what was learned

  • What did it feel like - was a difference noticed?

  • Did you achieve your objectives?

  • What went well & what could be improved?


  • Use the information gained to modify & retest

  • Do you require more data

  • Does the trial need to be over a longer period?

  • Implement the new process