The Primary Care Network Team

Elouise Johnstone - Quality & Safety Improvement Manager

I am a Quality & Safety Improvement Manager in NHS Lothian, working to support general practice and primary care teams. Coming from a commercial background that included engineering, design and construction, I joined NHS Scotland in 2006 in a national role supporting the bowel cancer screening programme.

I completed the Scottish Improvement Leader course in January 2017, and my current role is to build a QI network in general practice in Lothian. My particular interest is in the language of improvement: how it can operate as a barrier, and what we need to know to deliver the QI message effectively.

Dr Lisa Carter - GP Lead for Quality Improvement

My clinical work is as an out of hours GP with Lothian Unscheduled Care Service, where I am one of the Associate Clinical Directors. I worked for 3 years as an in hours GP, but since qualifying in 1993 most of my clinical work has been either in the Emergency Department or as an out of hours GP.

I completed the Scottish Patient Safety Fellowship in 2016, and have helped develop the Royal Infirmary ED Frequent Attender Programme (before it became PACT) and led the integration service work on COPD for what was then Edinburgh CHP. I recently led on a flow quality project within LUCS, where I am Quality lead, and am now one of the Lothian representatives on the national Health Improvement Collaborative on Sepsis.

Sue Perkins - Quality Improvement Facilitator

I worked for 12 years in the NHS in London, where a secondment started my interest in quality improvement. I went on to lead several improvement projects in Southwark and Tower Hamlets for long term conditions, working across primary, community and secondary care. I moved to Edinburgh six years ago and joined Myeloma UK – a rare blood cancer charity -  as a Service Development Manager with responsibility for the charity’s information and support services. After a period of maternity leave I joined NHS Lothian at the start of June, and I am delighted to be working in the NHS again.

Dr Rebecca Green - GP Quality Improvement Advisor

 I have been a GP partner in Lothian for 15 years, and also work as an Out Of Hours (OOH) GP. I have always been motivated by improving quality, and trained as a NES Scottish Improvement Leader in 2018. I have led on a wide variety of practice and cluster improvement efforts, both clinical and prescribing. I now have responsibility for mental health and COPD for Midlothian H&SCP, as we work towards development of the local Primary Care Improvement Plan.  As OOH Clinical Lead for NHS Borders (2016-18) I used quality improvement methodology to test and implement new models of multidisciplinary collaborative interface working as part of the national Transforming Urgent Care programme. I joined the Primary Care Quality & Safety team as GP QI support in late 2018.

Elise O’Leary - Quality Improvement Facilitator

I have worked as a Speech and Language Therapist in Australia. I worked with vulnerable families to support development and empowerment as well as teaching and training students in Community Health Services, tertiary education and regional private practices. Throughout my work, I focussed on systematically and methodically improving practices and processes. I bring this clinical experience to my quality improvement work throughout Lothian.

Isobel M Miller - Public Partner

 I am a frequent flyer with the NHS with experience of the best and the worst that it can offer.  After training by Quality Improvement Scotland (now Healthcare Improvement Scotland) I was a member of the team that gained funding from the Health Foundation to pilot the Scottish Patient Safety Programme in Primary Care.  That's when I began working with the NHS Lothian team and have enjoyed seeing the early work develop into an effective quality improvement programme based on sound theoretical principals. I now sit on the Lothian Quality Improvement in Primary Care Steering Group and often attend the team’s training days and events to give my input. 

My function is to ensure that patients are heard when change is planned - they can have a lot to offer but are often left out of the planning.