Since the first Cohort of the Lothian Quality Academy in February 2016, we have seen the course grow and have a steady stream of excellent Quality Improvement projects coming through the training.  Below is a list of the fellows of the Quality Academy and the QI projects which have developed as a result.  



       Cohort 1- February 2016             -  June 2016

Leadership Level

Caroline Whitworth - Endoscopy at Roodlands Hospital: Improve flow and experience of patients listed for endoscopy

Hosakere Aditya - Choosing Wisely: Improving the Way We Manage Cosmetic Surgery Referrals in Lothian

Sian Tucker - Verification of Expected Death out of hours within nursing homes and community hospitals

Sonia Joseph - Improving the efficiency of the 16:30 medical handover at RHSC

Cathy Richards - Improving the use of clinical capacity in the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service by understanding and addressing patient non attendance

Patricia Graham - To Address Waiting Times in Acute Mental Health Psychological Therapies

Mike Reid & Tricia Burns - Integration of Community Mental Health and Substance Misuse Services in NW Edinburgh

Sharon Smith & Peter Lefevre - Improving Communication & Information Exchange at Key Transitions in Acute Mental Health Care

Melinda Cuthbert - Reducing the number of patients in Acute Receiving Unit Beds 1&2 at WGH with wait time for medicines to be supplied from the hospital pharmacy

Gemma Couser, Christina Lilley & David Cameron - Improve accuracy and efficiency of the day case chemotherapy pathway

Andrew Coull & Billie Flynn - Improving access to a stroke unit bed for suitable stroke patients

Miriam Ramaboa - Improving use of patient focussed daily goals for Stroke patients in Wd 201

Mark Smith - Improving efficiency of the stroke rehabilitation and discharge pathway

Nikki Maran - Improving time to Carotid Endarterectomy in patients presenting with TIA and stroke in Lothian

Carey Lunan - Streamlining ACP across the interface: improving the reliability of the access of the Key Information Summary (KIS) on admission to Ward 202

Maggie Higgins & Mark Smith - Optimising the length of stay and patient flow in
Ward 202

Belinda Hacking - Increasing Access to Sexual Problems Clinic by Reducing Waiting

Michael Gillies - Reduction in Delayed Discharge in Critical Care at the Royal
Infirmary of Edinburgh

Aris Tyrothoulakis  - Reducing Short notice cancelations for flexible cystoscopies

James MacCallum - Patient focussed discharge dispensing (Frail old people don't
hang around in pharmacies)

Audrey Campbell - Improving Flow and Safety in Oncology Assessment Area


         Cohort 2

Sept '16 - Dec '16

                            Planning for Quality Course

Chris Myers & Lorna Turner - Reducing length of stay across the Orthogeriatric pathway

Kim Dickson & Alan Japp - Reducing time in hospital for patients with heart failure

Latana Munang & Mairead Hughes - Frailty in West Lothian

Chris Stiring, Catherine Crombie, Sheena Kerr, Tracy Kershaw, Mhairi Collie & Anne Donaldson - Ensure 93.3% of all patients requiring colorectal surgery are properly informed, consented, prepared and discharged.

Daniela Ellis & Claire Hathorn - Reducing DNA rates in Paediatric clinics at RHSC

Katy Ruggeri, Paul Mills, Simon Nicholson & Fiona Schofield - Changing models of care in Gynae

Nicola Zammitt, Pat Wynne, Sheena Walter  - Promoting attendance and HbA1c measurement at the RIE type 1 diabetes clinic

Eddie Balfour - Neuropathic Pain & the Prescription of Gabapentinoids

Andrew McCreadie, Susan Goldsmith & Craig Marriott - Improvement of the efficiency and effectiveness of monthly financial reporting

Oliver Young & Shelley-Marie O'Hare - Optimising breast cancer follow up

John Hardman - Better Management of regular attendees in Primary Care

Joanna Smail, Andrew MacKay, Hamish Reid & Murray Roddin - Prescribing in Primary Care

Robin Balfour - Directing Docman



         Cohort 3 Jan '17 - April '17

                                              Planning for Quality

Sheena Muir - Spasticity Management Service: Increasing face to face reviews after Botulinum Toxin Injections

Ravi Ravindran - To improve RIE emergency patients access to theatres (as per NCEPOD crieria) to 100% by October 2017

Tracey Sanderson - Improving the Quality & Experience of Admission to Adult LD inpatient services

Fiona Gaskell - To achieve a reduction of 30% in un-necessary return visits to ambulatory care at the WGH by August 2017

Lynne Douglas, Sam Molyneaux, Elizabeth Eckles & Susan Whyte -  Neck of Femur Clinical Pathway

David Hood - Plan to reduce delayed discharge waits for patients in North West Edinburgh Locality

Stuart McLellan - Reforming routine follow up of patients on long term ventilation

Jim Morrison - Reduce OP attendances for benign conditions which require biopsy from 3 to 1 for 50% of patients by April 2018

Gwyneth Bruce & Margaret Monan - South Edinburgh CAMHS, Pathway for ADHD Assessment - Improving efficiency & patient experience

Lyndsay Cameron, Nick Church & Kris Wright - To provide timely and patient-centred access to diagnostic and theraputic endoscopy procedures for patients treated within NHS Lothian

Jeremy Chowings - Improving the flow of important information through practice


Nicola McCloskey-Sellar - Breast Screening Quality Improvement Projec

Robert Clafferty - Improving the quality of junior doctor Psychiatry of Old Age training scheme in Royal Edinburgh Hospital services.

Elaine Duncan - Frequent Attenders in Primary Care

Gillian Cunningham - Strengthening Reliability of Site Activity Projections


Francis Yuille, Zor Muang, Douglas McCormick - Quality Improvement in the Lung Cancer Pathway

Kenny MacLeod- Management of acute respiratory conditions in the Sick Kids. Can we improve by doing less?