Dr. Andrew Coull – Associate Medical Director, Medicine of the Elderly and Stroke Services across the three Integrated Stroke Units in Lothian; RIE, WGH & SJH

RIE - Royal Infirmary Edinburgh, Wards 101 and 201– 44 beds

Professor Martin Dennis – Professor of Stroke Medicine

John Hodge - Deputy Charge Nurse

Julie Dixon - Assistant Service Manager

Dr Richard O’Brien - Stroke Consultant and QI fellow

Laura Egan - Occupational Therapist

Anna Redpath - Physiotherapist

Wendy Cameron - Physiotherapist

Morag Medwin - Stroke MCN Co-ordinator

Sophie Gilbert - Stroke auditor

Trish Elder-Gracie - Stroke Outreach Nurse

Hazel Moore - Speech and Language Therapist

Emma Forbes - Speech and Language Therapist

RIE ED: Dr Kate Easterford - ED specialty doctor

WGH - Western General Hospital, Edinburgh, Ward 50 – 24 beds

Dr Sarah Keir - Stroke Consultant, QI Lead Clinician

Margrethe Van Dijke - Stroke Auditor

Claire  Stirling - Charge Nurse

Fiona Johnson - Physiotherapist

Nicola Hedley - Occupational Therapist

Sasha Archer - Speech and Language Therapist


SJH - St Johns Hospital, Livingston – Stroke Unit

Dr Scott Ramsay - Stroke Consultant

Shirley Douglas-Keogh - Service Manager Medicine

Megan Reid - Service Improvement Manager

Sam Tuff - Charge Nurse, Stroke Unit

Emma Barnes - Occupational Therapist

Irene Davidson - Occupational Therapist

Wendy Juner - Physiotherapist

Debbie Heaney - Chest Heart & Stroke Service Nurse

ED: Dr Jasmine Ng - ED consultant        

Extended team;

Dr Nikki Maran - Clinical Lead Clinical Quality Management Systems

Lesley Morrow - Improvement Advisor

Colin Watson - Analyst

Mark Smith - Consultant AHP Stroke Services

The Stroke Service Quality Improvement Board (SSQIB) meets on the first Tuesday of every month and is jointly chaired by Dr Andrew Coull and Sheena Muir, General Manager, Astley Ainslie Hospital.