Academy Participants Projects from

Western General Hospital


Royal Infirmary Edinburgh

Cohort 1

Carol MacKinnon -  Review & Improve the scheduling process from DTT to 1st appointment –  Barriers to timely scheduling of daycase chemotherapy (SACT)

Caroline McKinnel - Improve patient flow through Ward 1 through better utilisation of skill mix of staff. 

Jackie Whigham - Improve the communication pathway from and unscheduled admission outwith oncology to a patient's oncology team (if required)

Lesley Shepherd -  To improve patient flow through OAA and to improve delivering the sepsis 6 within 60 minutes of presentation. 

Cohort 3

Caroline Souter- (WGH) Reduce patient harm from gentamicin

Cohort 4

Colin Noble, Nikki Inglis, Neil Boyle & Anne Smith - Endoscopy QIP in NHS Lothian

Catriona Rostron - To make the WGH a centre of excellence for a whole-Hospital approach to the care of older people and those with dementia within 3 years.

Johnny McKnight - Understanding and improving 4, 8 and 12 hour performance in medical ARAU trolleys

Cohort 5

Douglas McCabe - Improving the prescribing of oxygen on a respiratory ward.

Alison Cockburn - Quality improvement project to optimise use of alert antibiotics in NHS Lothian.

Avril Brown - Introducing an active role for Dementia Champions at the WGH

Cohort 7

Sam Stirling - Reducing inactivity and deconditioning in Elderly inpatients with the use of Activity Support Workers.