Experience based co-design presentation by Chris Bruce, lead of Equality and Human Rights

COACHING DEVELOPMENT DAY - 29th of November at the PGEC - RIE

On the 29th of November 30 QI Coaches gathered for a development afternoon. It was an opportunity for QI coaches to network and discuss challenges and rewarding aspects of QI coaching. There was a simulation session to demonstrate how to coach someone through a process map.


On the 28th of June the coaches had the opportunity to discuss their role, go over what has gone well and what do they need help with. Simon Watson presented the NHS Lothian Quality Strategy 2018-2023 and the coaches were able to ask questions to clarify any concerns. As always it was a very useful day and thank you all for coming. Please see here all documents and notes from the session.

COACHING DEVELOPMENT DAY - 15th November at the Faith Mission Gilmerton

The aim of session is to provide coaches with the opportunity to practically apply learning & develop skills. Programme includes:

  • Exercise identifying skills for directory with Jo Bennett

  • Lessons Learned from Coaching

  • Listening Skills with Sue Sloan & Yvonne Cuthbertson

  • Coaching Simulation lead by Annette

  • Practical application of capability analysis with Matt Tite

  • Practical application of QI Life by Maria Holancova

Download documents from the 15th November Coaching Developent Day

Demand & Capacity

Emotional help


QI life guide

Statistical Process Control Charts Guide

Coaching Development Event 28th of June 2017

The focus of this event will be sharing and learning about challenges and successes with regard to coaching.

The session is going to be for coaches and analysts, it will cover topics such as : Access to resources, How QI life can help you as a coach, Agreeing a common language.

Liz Bream will cover the role of the coach in relation to patient experience and health literacy. Jo Bennett and Annette Henderson will review the responsibilities of the coaches.

Matt Tite will lead the practical activities in the afternoon.

22nd of May Coaching Development Event

The aim of this event was to provide the QI Coaches with an update on the ongoing Clinical Programmes and the tools being used. The plan for the event was to review the QI approach in Lothian to gain understanding, to enable coaches to support the many projects that fall under the headings of demand, capacity and access, but are in fact an aspect of the care flow process model which is the Lothian QI approach. Matt Tite, expert information analyst, presented key topics to support coaching of QI activity with front line teams in Lothian and facilitated discussion on "What key questions should we be asking", "How capable is your system", "capability modelling" and "frequently asked data questions".


12th October 2016 Coaching Development Event

This was the first coaching event. Annette Henderson, has been appointed as QI Coaching Lead, and the aim of the session was to ensure a consistent approach of coaching activity across Lothian. Identified coaches were assigned to clinical teams on the Quality Academy, with clarification of milestones and expectations of their role as coaches.

Matt Tite facilitated the session, and led the coaches through key aspects of QI methodology:

• Measurement for Improvement
• 7 Steps to Measurement & Driver diagrams
• Understanding and mastering SPC and Pareto
• SPC practical application
• Understanding capability analysis
• Applying Return on Investment techniques to improvement projects