Pareto Charts

We put together an excel document to help produce pareto charts.  Guidance and instructions are within the document.

Driver Diagrams

A tree diagram is an improvement tool used to visualise the structure of a problem, a plan or any other opportunity of interest. The link below offers guidelines as to how to complete a driver diagram.

Project Charters

We have various examples of Project Charters and we are happy for you to use whichever one you find easiest for you.   We have also included some example completed Project Charters to help guide you to completing your own. All project charters below are valid.

Examples of Completed Posters

Analytical Support

Relevant Articles

Guides to Quality Improvement & Improvement Tools

Useful Tools for Quality Improvement Projects

External Links to other QI training



The Quality Vs Cost Conundrum: Full Presentation

The Quality vs Cost Conundrum: Introduction

Brent C James from Intermountain Healthcare delivers his Quality Vs Cost Conundrum presentation at the NHS Lothian event held on 13 August 2015.