GSA review of processes involved in Outpatient Chemotherapy Delivery

As part of the programme an opportunity was extended to the Edinburgh Cancer Centre to work with undergraduate design students from Glasgow School of Art to perform a design based review of the processes involved in Outpatient Chemotherapy Delivery.  This work was conducted in early 2017 with the students visiting both the Edinburgh Cancer Centre and Crosshouse Hospital in Ayrshire.  The students developed a number of concepts and ideas of how to improve the outpatient services primarily from a patients prospective.
 A copy of their presentations regarding this work can be found here.
 On the back of this work and in conjunction with NHS Ayrshire and Arran and Glasgow School of Art four students will be working over the summer to further develop come of the concepts that can improve the way we communicate with patients.  Details of this work and its continuing process can be found at the students website and blog at