Evidence has shown that those who have coaching support are more likely to be successful in improvement through learning and adapting improvement knowledge, skills and abilities and enhanced group dynamics.

You have been allocated Quality Improvement Coaches who will help you to establish a project with your professional lead and support you through your improvement journey as a team if you are working in a team or as an individual if you are not.

Frequency of coaching

Where possible the coaches will meet you at the end of the 1st day of the course and if possible at the following 3 taught sessions and one post qualification session. Some coaches will be unable to attend these end of the day sessions and will arrange to meet you as soon as possible after the training at a time and venue to suit you. It is helpful if the dates are agreed in advance and prioritised for the entire period of coaching. Effective communication and ensuring meetings take place is a joint responsibility.

 Evaluation and queries

The coaching is evaluated throughout the programme so that we can learn and improve and we encourage you to provide honest feedback to assist this process, but do not hesitate to question or escalate any coaching queries or issues to me during the training and I will do my best to resolve them as quickly as possible. 


We have grouped you into 3 groups and have allocated facilitators for the four training sessions, as the feedback from previous cohorts has been that this is immensely helpful.

Please take note of your group and remain in those so that facilitators can provide consistent support and advice. If the coach is not available at the end of the taught days the facilitators will be there to support you with your projects.