Other Primary Care Projects

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QI Workbook Enhanced Service 18/19 Projects

Analysing and improving continuity - St Triduana’s Medical Practice

Assessing how access to TRAK could improve patient care in pregnant patients - St Leonards Medical Centre

Creation of a daybook recall system - Ashgrove Group Practice

Establishment of an adverse event management system - Howden Health Centre

Improving culture of continuity - Milton Surgery

Improving lab reports - Bellevue (Dr Gray & Partners) 

Introducing SMS testing and online services - Parkgrove Medical Centre

Introduction of a duty nurse - Ladywell Medical Centre (East)

Management of urine samples - Ormiston Medical Practice

Patient triage - Leven Medical Practice

Redesign duty doctor workload - Eyre Medical Practice

Reducing DNA rates - The Long House Surgery

Reducing DNAs - Bangholm Medical Centre

Safe samples - Stockbridge Blue (Shaw & Partners)

Standardising our urine sampling process - Brunton Place Surgery

Thinking about and measuring continuity of care - Niddrie Medical Practice

Quality Academy Projects

Better Management of regular attenders in PC - John Hardman for Quality Academy ‘Planning for Quality’ Cohort 2

But they do hang around in hospital discharge lounges - James McCallum for Quality Academy ‘Planning for Quality’ Cohort 1

Changes to the appointment system - Jackie Connor for Quality Academy ‘Skill’ Cohort 9

Frequent attenders in primary care - Dr Elaine Duncan for Quality Academy ‘Planning for Quality’ Cohort 3

Improve the quality of the testing process for urine samples within Prestonpans group practice - Julie McCaskey for Quality Academy ‘Skill’ Cohort 5

Plans reduce delayed discharge waits for patients in North West Edinburgh Locality David Hood, Marna Green, Andy Shanks, Patrick Jackson, Edith Wellwood, Alex Webb for Quality Academy ‘Planning for Quality’ Cohort 3

Quality Improvement in General Practice - Ashley Hose for Quality Academy ‘Skill’ Cohort 10

Reducing uncollected tests - Dr Guy Dixon for Quality Academy ‘Planning for Quality’ Cohort 7

Results handling - Val Thomson for Quality Academy ‘Skill’ Cohort 5

Understanding and addressing delayed discharge in Midlothian - Allister Short for Quality Academy ‘Planning for Quality’ Cohort 4

Using an online booking system as a means to limit receptionist interruption when performing important patient centred tasksLeith Walk Surgery for Quality Academy ‘Planning for Quality’ Cohort 3