Patient Experience Feedback


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Lessons learned:

  • Maintaining up to date patient information leaflet
  • Allocate "talk time" everyday for patients to speak to GP
  • Continual training of reception staff to reassure patient appropriately on test results
  • Train District Nurses to use ICE when ordering and taking blood test
  • Posters in Phlebotomist and Nurse rooms on phoning for test results
  • Ensure our leaflet regarding results remains up to date
  • Always document when contact make with patient, even when they don't manage to speak to them. This is so that staff know where to direct calls when patient phone back
  • Changes made to ICE housekeeping policy
  • Audited lab link system to establish how many results arrive in practice in the afternoon - it was deemed safer to check results in the morning and afternoon in order to process the results more efficiently

We carried out an "ICE" training needs analysis; all practice staff involved in taking bloods took part. The results showed that :

  • All of the nurses and phlebotomists used ICE and none felt they required further training.
  • Most of the GPs used ICE however all felt they needed further training, particularly "parking" requests.

Feedback from patients - what we can change:

  • "Shorten waiting time for a blood test"
  • "I tend to like a copy of the test results, would this ever be available via email?"
  • "Having weekend/after office hours for blood test would be better. It would be good if I didn't have to phone for the results but would be feedback immediately"

  • "Blood test need to be linked to report back from Cardiology when received and a follow up appointment arranged"
  • didn't have to phone for the results but would be feedback immediately"**

  • "Missed reminder letter for TFT"

  • "Missed messages on the time to phone in for results"
  • "Prolonged wait time for results to return"
  • "Difficulty getting through on phone line to obtain results"
  • "Communication to patients if there would be a prolonged wait for results to return"

Feedback from patients - what went well:

  • "Accurate results and convenient appointment times"
  • "Helpful,efficient, informative"
  • "All went very well. Blood was taken which in my case is fab"

  • "Taken on time of appointment"
  • "Pleasant, efficient phlebotomist"

  • "Courtesy from Clinicians and Admin members of the practice"
  • "Ability to book convenient time for an appointment to take blood"
  • "Calm environment"
  • "Friendly and professional Clinicians taking test"