Welcome to the Primary Care Network team's blog "New Tricks"

Welcome to the Primary Care Network team’s blog ‘New Tricks’. We want to show you what we do on a daily basis and thereby what we can do to help you, which is why we exist! Lisa usually works on a Thursday at Waverley Gate but came in on Tuesday this week because she got the opportunity to present on the Primary Care Network to the Edinburgh South East Locality Practice Nurses Forum Meeting. She was very grateful of the opportunity to do this, and it was really good of Edinburgh practice nursing colleagues to give her a platform. Practice nurses are very much a key player in quality improvement work, both in the clinical work they do and are expert at, and the way their training and ongoing development is so much attuned to thinking about process and how to do things better. It was also a good opportunity to raise awareness within the practice nurses’ wider clinical teams. Lisa looks forward to those present coming forward with QI ideas, supporting them getting involved with the Quality Academy and is particularly excited about seeing how the QI network could work with a QI focussed dissertation for a nursing MSC.