Tales from a Heat Wave

Welcome to Ashley, Elise and Sue.

Lisa and Elouise are delighted to introduce you to our new Quality Improvement Team  members Ashley Hose, Sue Perkins and Elise O’Leary. They have already showed their capability, versatility and eagerness to contribute in the 2018/19 SESP workshops, where many of you will have met them.

Ashley came back to the team after a 3 year break looking after her young family and working as a Boarding House Manager at Dollar Academy. She has certainly hit the ground running, with her previous experience and knowledge and is currently working with Elise in collating all the data and information from last year’s (2017/18) SESP in results handling and warfarin, and the 2017/2018 work book projects.

Elise joined NHS Lothian in June 2018, having arrived in the UK from Australia in January. Elise has worked as a Speech and Language Therapist for over five years in Community Health Services, tertiary education and regional private practices. She has worked primarily with vulnerable families to support development in a family centred manner,  and worked with students to develop professional skills. Throughout her work, Elise has focussed on systematically and methodically improving practices and processes and is an enthusiastic member the Quality Improvement Support Team. She is a canny pair of eyes on different health care processes and knows how see right to the root of the issue and  to ask the pertinent questions. She is currently working with Ashley in collating all the data and information from last year’s (2017/18) SESP in results handling and warfarin, and the 2017/2018 work book projects. Ashley and Elise will be supporting the non-prescribing SESP projects for 2018/19.

Sue worked for 12 years in the NHS in London, initially in GP contract management until a secondment to the Southwark modernisation team started her interest in quality improvement. She went on to lead several improvement projects in Southwark and Tower Hamlets for long term conditions, working across primary, community and secondary care. Sue moved to Edinburgh six years ago and joined Myeloma UK  as a Service Development Manager, where she expanded and increased access to the charity’s information and support services. After a period of maternity leave Sue joined NHS Lothian at the start of June, and is excited to be working in the NHS again. Sue is legend at making order out of chaos, seeing what needs to be done and sorting it. Sue is going to be supporting the prescribing projects within this year’s (2018/19) SESP and the ‘Invest to Save’ Projects.


Thank you very much for your hard work in the series of five afternoon workshops. We hope that you went away with ideas for constructing your project charter, process map and gathering your baseline data. Elouise will be getting in contact shortly to ask you to complete a survey monkey for feedback on the sessions. We welcome the opportunity to improve how we deliver these types of session.

12% of the 87 practices who signed up the SESP have submitted their project charters, and 7% their process maps. This is most impressive – the date for final submission is 20th August! 50% of attendees.were GPs, 25% practice managers, and 30% had not attended a QI learning set before – we are very pleased to have increased our reach in terms of QI learning.

Coaching clinics

Ashley is managing our coaching clinics, and these will be ongoing throughout the summer period. We encourage you to make full use of us with these, but in addition we are contactable by email on QINetwork@nhslothian.scot.nhs.uk


And-  isn’t it hot, wonder how long this weather will last, do you think we are going to get any rain? (weather comments overheard in Aldi)

Enjoy the heat wave (whilst it lasts!)

Lisa, Elouise, Ashley, Sue and Elise 12th July 2018