It's Raining at Waverly Gate..... but lots of good news on Quality in Lothian Primary Care!

Practice managers ‘Why QI?’ workshop

30+ practice managers attended a QI workshop at Gilmerton Faith Mission on Thursday 8th March. Numbers were slightly down on those who had registered because practices had gone from being snowed in during the height of ‘Beast from the East,’ to snowed under during the week of recovery. Elouise chose to work on an issue identified on the UK media last week: ‘patients in England are less satisfied with their GP care then they used to be.’ She guided the table teams, already experienced in QI via their involvement in the patient safety programme, through constructing a Fishbone diagram, using red dot voting, constructing a live Pareto to visualise the main causes of the problem, and then brain storming change ideas. The end point of the workshop was a constructed driver diagram, and the idea that from what seems like a huge and insolvable difficulty, through sequential QI tools use, there will be at least one idea for change that teams can work on. The practice managers were absolutely brilliant to work with – so keen and interested and clever.

Adeline delivered a really helpful summary of the pragmatics of the new SESP and how it would actually work in practice. This was also very well received by practice manager delegates.

Congratulations to Lammermuir and Tyne/Prestonpans/Leith!

Lammermuir (‘Reducing anxiolytic and hypnotic prescription in Primary Care’) and Tyne/Prestonpans/Leith (‘Improving document management in Primary Care General Practice’) have had their posters accepted for the NHS Scotland Event in June. This was a great achievement – with over 500 abstracts from across Scotland submitted. Well done and congratulations to all involved! (this is where I wish I had all the emojis that I have on my Iphone to add here....)

AHP workshop for East Lothian AHP team

Adeline and Elouise used the same practical framework as they used at the recent practice managers workshop to deliver another excellent and well received training afternoon on Wednesday 14th March, in collaboration with the NES AHP practice education lead Claire Ross. Well done Claire, Elouise and Adeline!

Sweden Jonkoping Microsystems Festival

Jo, Lisa and Elouise took lots of learning from their recent attendance at the Microsystems Quality Festival in Sweden on 28th February to 2nd March, as well as showcasing the Lothian Primary Care Network. Their presentation garnered lots of interest and Elouise has had 5 separate requests for copies of the slides so far. And we actually managed to get there despite the best efforts of ‘Beast from the East’.

Best wishes to all

Adeline, Elouise, Lisa               March 15th 2018