Week of success

Well done East Lothian HSCP!

News just in: Congratulations to East Lothian HSCP, who have been successful in their application to participate in the Healthcare Improvement Scotland Practice Administrative Staff Collaborative. The collaborative will focus on Document Management, Care Navigation and building Quality Improvement knowledge and confidence. This is an exciting opportunity that will involve all members of the administrative team, across both clusters in East Lothian. We will keep you updated with progress – watch this space...

Health Improvement Sepsis Film for Primary Care Teams across Scotland

Script for short film on using NEWS in Sepsis as a communication tool is now written and ready to go. Sadly too late for this year’s Oscars, but keep checking your mailbox for casting invitations...

NHS Scotland Event June 2018

We are proud and delighted that 11 quality improvement work abstracts are in process for submission from Lothian Primary Care to the NHS Scotland 2018 event being held on 18-19 June at SECC, Glasgow. The internal deadline for Lothian is 31st January 2018. Please contact lisa.carter@nhslothian.scot.nhs.uk if you have a project that you would like the opportunity to showcase across Scotland.

Clinical change forum

Date for clinical change forum is Thursday March 22nd March 2018, 1700-1900, in Edinburgh Academy Science Lecture Theatre. Adeline and Elouise will be in touch with more details shortly.

And that’s it for this week!

Lisa, Adeline and Elouise

25th January 2018


Showcasing your quality work, the Primary Care Team and who not to ask for help in a pub quiz......

Practice Managers’ Quality Improvement Workshop

Our bit of the Lothian Quality website is called ‘Primary Care Network’ for a very good reason. It is a network for all professionals who work in Primary Care. We are therefore really delighted to be hosting a Quality Improvement workshop for Lothian practice managers, provisional date Thursday 8th March 2018. The training delivered will look completely different to previous training workshops, and will be very much tailored to the specific needs of the practice management team. If you haven’t heard about it yet, and would like to come please email elouise.johnstone@nhslothian.scot.nhs.uk

Practice nursing teams

Elouise, Adeline and Jacqui Pringle delivered a training workshop on QI methodology for the East Lothian Practice nurses in March 2017, focussing on operational definitions of measurement. Lisa has presented on the QI network to the South West Edinburgh locality Practice Nurses group towards the end of last year. We are keen to do more. Please email lisa.carter@nhslothian.scot.nhs.uk if you would like more info.

NHS Scotland Event 2018

The NHS Scotland Event 2018 will take place on the 18 - 19 June at the SEC, Glasgow. Information on the Event Programme will be available in April 2018. More info can be found here: http://nhsscotlandevent.com/

The event is an opportunity to showcase primary care quality work – and there is lots of it in Lothian! Please contact lisa.carter@nhslothian.scot.nhs.uk if you are interested in submitting a poster abstract for your quality work. The internal Lothian deadline for abstracts is 31st January 2018.

March 2018 clinical change forum

We will firm up a date for this next week. We are really keen that as many people as time allows present their quality work. Adeline and Elouise will be in touch next week.

That’s it for now. Email us if you have a question, need some help or have some feedback. Needs to be quality related. We are no good for ‘phone a friend’ from a pub quiz....

Best wishes and THANK YOU for doing all the work that you do and of course for clicking on the website J

Lisa, Elouise, Adeline

CQL meeting, SESP, thinking about next year’s Clinical Change forum and more.....

CQL meeting Thursday 14th December

Lots of stuff going in QI central this and last week. Very full pan Lothian CQL meeting on Thursday 14th December.  There is SO MUCH high quality improvement work going on in Lothian Primary Care.  Most common feedback was how useful the meeting was in terms of hearing what other teams are doing and learning from each other. The meeting was very much an ‘I love my job’ moment for me. And all the work priorities and ideas have been set and devised locally by clinicians, to reflect what is actually needed within practice. Brilliant. Thank you all.

All the projects mentioned during the course of the afternoon are stored in the members section of the Lothian Quality website https://qilothian.scot.nhs.uk/cql-member-section. Please email QInetwork@nhslothian.scot.nhs.uk or lisa.carter@nhslothian.scot.nhs.uk for the password to this area.

SESP 2018/19

Elouise is submitting this year’s SESP contract just now, for the 31st December PCCO deadline. In a nutshell, the 2018-19 SESP enables practices to submit bespoke Quality Improvement projects which reflect work needed at individual practice or cluster level. This is a progression from previous years, based on the cumulative QI learning from the Patient Safety Programme and the QI workbooks.

Clinical change forum

An opportunity for clusters to show case their improvement work to the wider NHS Lothian community, including exec and non exec board members, as well as building on what was achieved in last week’s CQL meeting in terms of exchange of practical ideas. We are looking at dates in March (prior to the next CQL meeting which will hopefully take place in April) where you decide what you want to present. There is a lot to show and be proud of.

Microsystems Festival, Jonkoping, Sweden

We have been invited to present on Setting up a Primary Care Quality Improvement Network in Jonkoping http://plus.rjl.se/infopage.jsf?nodeId=35198  - we will post our presentation on the quality website before we go, so please let us know what you think of the content.

And finally Merry Christmas and looking forward to working with you all in 2018!

 Lisa, Elouise, Adeline.


Welcome to the Primary Care Network team's blog "New Tricks"

Welcome to the Primary Care Network team’s blog ‘New Tricks’. We want to show you what we do on a daily basis and thereby what we can do to help you, which is why we exist! Lisa usually works on a Thursday at Waverley Gate but came in on Tuesday this week because she got the opportunity to present on the Primary Care Network to the Edinburgh South East Locality Practice Nurses Forum Meeting. She was very grateful of the opportunity to do this, and it was really good of Edinburgh practice nursing colleagues to give her a platform. Practice nurses are very much a key player in quality improvement work, both in the clinical work they do and are expert at, and the way their training and ongoing development is so much attuned to thinking about process and how to do things better. It was also a good opportunity to raise awareness within the practice nurses’ wider clinical teams. Lisa looks forward to those present coming forward with QI ideas, supporting them getting involved with the Quality Academy and is particularly excited about seeing how the QI network could work with a QI focussed dissertation for a nursing MSC.