QI Workbook Enhanced Service for 2018/2019

We are pleased to say that almost all of the 97 practices have now attended a coaching clinic. For additional support, please email us using the ‘Contact Us’ link at the bottom of the page.

Practices will be receiving 8 week and 20 week follow up emails to ensure that you are keeping momentum going for your project. A poster template has been sent out to all practices for the Showcase Events in May (further information can be found by clicking here). There are two events on offer but you only need to attend one. This can be booked under the QI Training and Events link.

Please contact us by email at or phone on 0131 537 8566 for any support for the QI Workbook Enhanced Service for 2018/2019

Quality Improvement Projects in Primary Care

We will soon be adding project posters to the below headings of recent Enhanced Service Workbook projects


Quality Academy Projects 2016-2018

PFQ Cohort 1

“But they do hand around in hospital discharge lounges” by James McCallum

“Streamlining ACP across the interface” by Carey Lunan

PFQ Cohort 2

“Better Management of regular attenders in PC” by John Hardman

“To reduce GP workload by optimising a process for general practice based pharmacist doing prescribing related tasks” by Andrew MacKay, Murray Rodin, Hamish Reid and Jo Smail

“Directing Docman” by Robin Balfour

“Neuropathic pain and prescription of gabapentinoids, a multidisciplinary approach” by Eddie Balfour

PFQ Cohort 3

“Using an online booking system as a means to limit receptionist when performing important patient-centre tasks” by Jeremy Chowings

“Frequent attenders in PC” by Elaine Duncan

“Plans to reduce delayed discharge waits for patients in North West Edinburgh locality” by David Hood

PFQ Cohort 4

“Understanding and addressing delayed discharge in Midlothian” by Allister Short

“Workflow management in GP” by Shelagh Stewart and Lynda Wilson

PFQ Cohort 5

“Management of complex housebounds patients” by David Boag

“Realistic Medicines reviews: Improving care home prescribing” by Jane Marshall

PFQ Cohort 6

“Will targeting frailty reduce admissions to hospital” by Sam Abushal

“Prescription headache” by Anthony Simon

PFQ Cohort 7

“Workflow optimisation in PC” by Julia Lutte

“Hypertension monitoring” by Drummond Begg

“Reducing uncollected tests” by Guy Dixon

“Mail management improvement to enhance resilicience” by Andreas Kelch

“A new model of care for frailty in Midlothian” by Iain Morrison


“Capacity and Demand” by Alisson Stewart



Joe Tay, Sighthill Medical Centre’s poster on Naloxone Training in General Practice

Joe Tay, Sighthill Medical Centre’s poster on Naloxone Training in General Practice