QI Workbook Enhanced Service for 2018/2019

As a part of the QI Workbook Enhanced Service for 2018/2019, participating practices are required to attend a 1 hour coaching clinic with the QI Facilitators. Some practices have already begun attending sessions and there has been very positive feedback about the value of the time spent together.

The coaching clinics provide practices with an opportunity to further their knowledge of QI methodology, to refine their project, get advice on difficult aspects of their work and to have someone to discuss ideas with. Each clinic is driven by the practice, as the practice determines what they feel will be worthwhile and is supported by two facilitators. These clinics are a great opportunity to plan, to take stock of progress and to make sure that the project is going to create valuable and sustainable change for each practice.

Coaching clinics for 18/19 have begun and will be running regularly across Midlothian, East Lothian, West Lothian and Edinburgh. To book on to a coaching clinic for the QI Workbook Enhanced Service for 2018/2019, please email

We look forward to seeing you there!


by Alisson Stewart

Alisson and her team are developing an advanced appointment system which is effective, efficient and equitable. We love her approach and we love her project.


by Dr Divya Rao

The aim of this project was to increase use of the Royal Voluntary Service patient transport service, to improve patient access to GP appointments.  As a practice in Haddington, East Lothian, our patient population can extend to places such as Pencaitland, Macmerry and Gifford.   Visits to these locations can take up a lot of travel time.  By identifying patients that could use patient transport we could save significant time on home visits.


Quality Academy Projects 2016 -2017:

  • Verification of Expected Death out of hours within nursing homes and community hospitals
  • Improving the reliability of access of the Key Information Summary (KIS) on admission to Ward 202
  • Better Management of Regular Attenders in Primary Care
  • Prescribing in Primary Care - working with integrated care pharmacists
  • Chronic pain management with GP, physiotherapist and pharmacist
  • Directing Docman - ensuring hospital communications go to the right GP
  • Workflow - Improving the flow of important information through the practice
  • Capacity and Demand

QI Workbooks:

  • Microscopic Haematuria - Processing Samples
  • Acute & Repeat Prescribing
  • Elderly Patient Checks
  • Recognising and proactively managing frailty in the community
  • Polypharmacy reviews for housebound patients
  • Development of a robust and safe system for electronic recording of items prescribed out with the practice (e.g. originating from hospital out patient clinics)
  • Improving the transition from child to adult services for adolescents with chronic diseases, including mental health problems
  • Managing 28-day and acute prescriptions from care home to the pharmacy, medication/Polypharmacy reviews and improving clarity of directions for medication for prn medication.
Joe Tay, Sighthill Medical Centre’s poster on Naloxone Training in General Practice

Joe Tay, Sighthill Medical Centre’s poster on Naloxone Training in General Practice

Elouise Johnstone's Poster

Lisa Carter's Poster