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We have recently added posters from the 18/19 Enhanced Service. Click on the headings below to find out more.


QI Workbook Enhanced Service for 2019/20

The new contract for 2019/20 has now been issued by the Primary Care Contracts Team. We have a new Enhanced Service for the Workbook which we hope you will sign up to for the year ahead. It will be a project of your own practice choice again, which we will support through feedback, guidance, training and coaching.

The Contract can be accessed here. Please ensure that you complete the Project Proposal form, found here, and sent it back to our team at the QI Network email address.  This is due no later than the Friday 3rd May.  Our team will review them and give feedback to ensure you have a good project with a clear aim to help get you started.  We will soon be offering a Workshop for training and guidance on how to get started with your project, of which attendance is required by at least one member of the practice.

If you are struggling with an idea for your project, please get in touch as we have several project ideas which have been tested before and are ready to be rolled out further.

Cluster working guidance

Again we will be supporting cluster projects as well as individual projects.

  • We ask that cluster project proposals show evidence of local testing, where data so far highlights that the project is ready for scale and spread.

  • We also require that in cluster project proposals there is a designated leader (who does not have to be a CQL or PQL) who provides strategic  oversight throughout the project, and who attends the start of programme workshop.

  • Whilst there is a great opportunity for collaborative working in cluster projects, individual practices remain responsible for doing their own project work.

  • Finally, a cluster project proposal does not have to include all practices within a cluster, and we are supportive of practices working together who are not connected via a geographical cluster.

If you have any queries about doing a cluster project, please do not hesitate to contact Dr Lisa Carter or Dr Rebecca Green.

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Quality Academy Projects 2016-2018

Quality Academy Projects relating to primary care can be found under the topics above. These can also be found under past quality academy cohorts.

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