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We're all able to remember happy moments in life far better than the boring ones. The emotions that can be aroused when recalling these events allow you to recall the memory better. Positive memories can provide the tools to inducing a positive mood!

Music has been shown to have a dramatic effect in helping to retrieve memories and positively charge emotions. Whatever the genre; music can be used to gently bring back forgotten memories.

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The team in Canaan Ward have developed a Singing Care Plan. This was devised through the staff using a song that helped distract a patient from a feeling of agitation and instead created feelings of happiness. The patient was part of a weekly group activity that was all about music and song and one song in particular made this man beam with happiness.

The staff got together with the Volunteer Hub and recorded themselves singing, instrument playing and the patient singing his favourite song. This way the patient's next care providers could actually hear the strategy that was used to help him de-stress.

This is just one great example of the Quality Improvement (QI) work that's being worked on here in NHS Lothian. To find out more about QI click here

Jane Cheeseman talks about quality improvement in mental health and hears feedback from Jason Leitch

Watch the video to hear Jane Cheeseman talk about quality improvement in Mental Health as well as direct feedback from Jason Leitch, Nation Clinical Director for Patient Safety in Scotland. Jason visited the new Royal Edinburgh Building on the 12th of October. He visited Balcarres and Caanan wards to see and hear firsthand about the clinical and improvement work being done in the hospital. He met staff from a variety of disciplines. Hear his impressions on the work he saw here:

22nd of June 2017 - CLINICAL CHANGE FORUM

Stakeholder Event September 2016

The programme was launched at a stakeholder event in September 2016. A further learning event attended by 60 staff was held in November 2016 in collaboration with colleagues from the East London NHS Foundation Trust.