The Clinical Change Forum purpose is to encourage managers and clinicians from across NHS Lothian to discuss challenging issues, ensure clinical engagement and leadership.  It is a forum to share ideas, innovations and improvement work.  It aims to change practice, improve outcomes, and reduce waste and variation, by developing our approach to invidual patient care and driving quality.

Come along to discuss challenges in your work. Key themes will include:

Below are dates and sites of the 2018 Clinical Change Forums. Further information on the forums will be uploaded near the dates. The presentations delivered at the forums will be uploaded after the event.


30th - Western General Hospital


20th - St John's Hospital

22nd - Primary Care Network

27th - Western General Hospital

29th - Royal Edinburgh Hospital


29th - Western General Hospital


7th - St John's Hospital


26th - Royal Edinburgh Hospital


18th - St John's Hospital

25th - Western General Hospital


27th - Western General Hospital

29th - Royal Edinburgh Hospital

Past Clinical Change Forums

Details of previous Clinical Change Forums including presentations and videos can be found on the link below.

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We are collecting feedback on all of our Clinical Change Forum events so that we can continually learn and improve - please fill in our online questionnaire here: